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Neu! Reekie! presents is now available to view for FREE at featuring the sublime talents of @ScribePedersen @williamsonkev @witheredhand @thebillyliar @janetteayachi @suzivc #burnsandbeyond #BurnsNightIn #BurnsNight

Tonight marks @NeuReekie’s 11th year unshackling a Burns flavoured bash—our 1st digital Burns broadcast.

Free to watch wi donations implored for @tinychanges. Come hither, we covet yer 💜.

Withered Hand, Billy Liar, Suzi Cunningham, Janette Ayachi & us.


Looking forward to performing for you tomorrow night for @burnsandbeyond. Online at 6.30pm (UK time). Thanks to @witheredhand, @NeuReekie. 📸: @littlekatphotos

I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read this and watch the film that goes with it. My heart is full - love is love.
The Stories of Those Who Lost Decades in the Closet

The really frustrating thing about getting your Twitter account suspended for (full disclosure) some salty language, is when you look at the accounts that likely reported you: cesspits of racism, anti-masking, Covid denial, Oakleys, Whatever FC and many, many 'Proud Dads.'

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