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For folk unclear on what's happened in Scotland: the former First Minister, a man accused of 14 counts of sexual assault and attempted rape, has launched a new political party and its first major policy event was organised around attacking trans rights.

Annoyed by the blanket PP coverage across all BBC radio channels. I value the various @BBCRadio2 @BBC6Music and @BBCRadioScot programmes I listen to for their diversity of content. Times like these just prove how pro monarchy the BBC actually is, playing God Save The Queen ffs.

‘Independence is bigger than personalities’ says the man who saw @scotgov changes to fairness at work policy as a conspiracy against him and not a legitimate and welcomed response to the global #metoo movement and who fails to accept that his time is up

It's interesting how many takes on the Alba Party don't make a mention of the role of reactionary "anti-wokeness" among its presumed support base and defectors so far. This feels like a pretty central piece of the puzzle and possibly the most worrying aspect of this development.

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